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Commercial Air Heaters

We offer a wide range of industrial and commercial warm air heaters. Warm air heaters run on gas and can replace central heating in several applications.

The biggest benefit of air heaters is they provide instant heat just like a gas burner. A variety of systems are available, including re-circulation and fan systems. Warm air can be fed into ducts and vented into rooms throughout your property.

We specialise in the design and installation of air heaters. We can size and specify the correct commercial air heaters for your use case. No matter the size of your building, we offer a range of kW outputs to match the most stringent applications.

Powered By Gas

Warm air heaters blow cold air over a natural gas or LPG flame. The gas flame heats the air. This process is incredibly efficient. Gas is around 3x cheaper than electricity and running a warm air heater is significantly cheaper than running central heating.

The great thing about air heaters is they can be installed where boilers can’t. If you have ducts and vents, the warm air can be fed into them to distribute warm air throughout your property and banish the need for central heating.


Warm air heaters are suitable for factories, workshops, machine shops, manufacturing plants, fabricators, showrooms, garden centres, retail stores and any other buildings where central heating would be impractical or impossible.

Because they are so energy-efficient, air heaters could save you a packet on your commercial heating bills. Some businesses realise gas energy savings of 20% and let’s not forget gas costs over 50% less than electricity.

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    As a leading expert in warm air heaters, we can design, size and specify a warm air heating system for your business. We install plenty of air heaters and we can advise and recommend solutions for efficiently heating any commercial space.

    We can specify warm air systems with electronic filtration to remove airborne allergens like pollen and pet dander and we can upgrade older systems. If your old air heater is over 10 years old newer models will offer far greater efficiency.

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