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Commercial Gas Safety Certificates

We are Gas Safe registered to commercial and industrial level with significant experience conducting gas safety checks. This includes our own gas and heating installations and third-party gas and heating installations of all sizes.

Evidence of gas safety competency is awarded through a Gas Safety Certificate. This certificate could be a CP12 (landlord certificate), a CP42 (commercial building certificate) or a CP17 (commercial gas installation certificate).

The law states you must ensure that a gas safety check is done every year on each gas appliance/flue. The most relevant certificate for commercial gas safety inspections is the CP42 which applies to non-domestic properties including kitchens.

Experienced Gas Safety Experts

Not only are we highly qualified Gas Safe registered engineers, but we have significant experience conducting gas safety checks and inspections at a high level. This includes shops, cafes, restaurants, schools and supermarkets.

Our commercial gas safety engineers will check your gas appliances, pipework and flues to ensure they are in a safe condition. We will create a condition report and once your property has passed the inspection you will get a certificate.

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    Do You Need a Gas Safety Checks?

    It is a legal requirement for commercial properties to have an annual gas safety check if they use commercial gas appliances. If your business has a gas boiler, it’s also a good idea to have your whole system inspected during your annual service.

    If you have not had a gas safety check performed in the last 12-months, you should stop using your gas appliances immediately and get them inspected. Gas is extremely dangerous and all it takes is a small leak and a spark to cause devastation.

    What’s Included?

    A gas safety check involves our Gas Safe registered engineers assessing the safety of your appliances/flues. Ventilation passages and the safety of devices will be checked to ensure your gas appliances are safe to use.

    Following tests on each gas appliance/flue, you will receive a Gas Safety Certificate so you can demonstrate that your commercial property is safe. Call us or email us at to discuss your needs with an engineer.

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